Cashew Tree

Cashew Tree Apartments is located in Katupu, Auroville. It has 4 floors and about 7 apartments, out of which 4 are currently availible. You can decorate your house and hang around in it. Each apartment costs 36 $$$. The smallest apartment, however costs only 5 $$$ because you can only sit there. If you want to buy or rent a house, here is some more info:

UPDATE: Sorry everybody,the apartment complex is dead. 😦

1. Pragnya, [Name unknown]3rd floor

2. Abhay , Highest Place, 4th floor

3. Eesha, Big Branches, 2nd floor


1. [ name will be added soon ] 1st floor [ for sale]

2. [ name coming soon ] 2nd floor, for rent. Cost: 20 $$$ per month

3. [ name coming soon ] 3rd floor, for rent. Cost: 15 $$$ per month

4. [ name coming soon ] 1st floor [for sale]

If you want to buy or rent please leave a comment. Please don’t copy this idea.


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